I’m currently living in Indiana, keeping the following plates spinning.

Working From Home Full Time
I’m working for a big company in a small team, mostly using React/Redux in VS Code. I will never not work from home again. Some people don’t take to it, but for me it’s a good fit. It allows me to do all the other things below. I’m also doing a few side gigs involving programming and web design.

Running a Power Lifting and Strongman Gym
Technically this is my wife’s business but I’m very much involved. This is our first brick and mortar business, only six months old. It’s not easy, but we’re learning as we go. Financially, it can be terrifying, but every other business owner has referred to this as “normal”.

Playing Adaptive Hockey (aka Sled Hockey)
I found this sport about nine years ago, very late to the party. I’ve been disabled my entire life but this is the first time I’ve played a sport. I play for the Chicago Blackhawks (sponsored by Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, a very important rehab hospital). I’m not the best player but still far from the worst. If I’m obsessed with anything, it’s this. It takes me all over the country for tournaments, and I’ve met so many good friends and have so many stories.

Lifting Weights
At 52 exercise is one my most important habits. My preference is lifting heavy weights, at our gym of course, but this time of year I’m doing more cardio to help with sled hockey.

Drawing and Painting
I’ve been passionate about art since I was 10. I had hoped for it to become a career, but it didn’t work out that way. I’ve been various shades of serious about it my whole life. Currently I’m mostly drawing in my sketch log, and occasionally still oil painting. I really enjoy the human figure so that’s where I focus.

Also a habit I picked up later. I’m drawn toward biographies and self help these days. My latest was Substance by Peter Hook (the New Order story). I enjoyed every bit of its 700 pages. I’m currently half through The Obstacle is the Way (Ryan Holiday) and Reframe Your Brain (Scott Adams).

Last updated 2/18/2024